The Storm Before The Calm

Episode 1
The Adventure Begins

We join our tale as a newly exalted circle of of the chosen of the Unconquered Sun arrive in the township or Riverport, along with their two Dragon Blooded Escorts.

They have been dispatched to this town by the Cult of the Illuminated, and given orders to meet up with a Cult Functionary by the name of Kaien Sanji, and he will give them further instructions.

Upon arrival, they discover that Kaien is, in fact, adjutant to the mayor of the township, and that he has been missing for two months, apparently kidnapped by a criminal syndicate lead by an individual known only as the Tyrant.

While members of the circle go and speak, briefly to the mayor’s staff, Kethry notices a man watching a particular house off the town’s main square, he runs when he notices that he’s been spotted, disappearing down a side ally, and beyond capture for now.

The house its self, is revealed to be the residence of the the adjutant himself, and the group are given leave to investigate further. Inside the house, they find a mess of paper work, some misplaced books, and a door that for some reason cannot be entered. Investigating this room by it’s outside window, to looks to contain a bed chamber fit for the Empress herself. The room its self is sealed and warded, however.

The party splits up, with Oron spotting a number of thugs also watching the building. He trails them to store house on the northern edge of town and questions them, they reveal that they had been send to find an individual matching the description of the man watching the residence earlier, as he has something the Tyrant desires.

Kethry and Vox go to visit the mayor, and find some more information. It becomes apparent that all is not as it seems in Riverport. The township used to be a realm territory until the state elected Satrap was murdered some time prior, by number of Chosen of the Sun. The mayor also reveals that there is more to this Kaien Sanji than was initially thought, as the mayor reveals that he first met Kaien seventy-five years ago, at the age of five, and that Kaien has aged maybe ten years in that time. He also identifies an object found at Kaien’s residence as a smoke bomb designed to induce unconsciousness.

Zoltan, Veiled Raven and Sherrana meet a contact of Crimson Ember who arranges an audience with a man called Kris, who apparently is a lieutenant of the Tyrant.

One thing becomes apparent: No one has met the Tyrant himself, no one even knows what he looks like, as he appears to act only through intermediaries.

At this point, Nimi, the tigress, picks up the scent of the man initially seen watching the adjutant’s residence, Kethry, Oron, Vox and the Blazing Dawn follow the scent to the store house where they see the man set upon by six of the thugs guarding the building.
A fight ensues, the thugs not standing a chance against the combined might of a Prince of the Earth, three of the Solar Exalted, a fully grown Tigress and an extremely talented mortal martial artist.

After the last thug falls, the man introduces himself as Bronze Day, and explains that he, along with several others in the town, wishes to destroy the Tyrant and his criminal empire. When asked what it could be he has that the Tyrant desires, he has no answer, but reveals that he would have the Tyrant’s head on a platter, in order to avenge his murdered family.

Making they’re way further into the store house, they fight their way through more guards, and eventually meet up with Sherrana and Zoltan as they confront Kris, who would appear to be something more than human, and who is accompanied by two daemons. After a more testing battle, the three daemonic enemies are slain, and Bronze Day reveals that Kaien Sanji is in fact the son of the God of Riverport, which could explain his kidnap.

After releasing the young man, and helping themselves to what spoils there are to be had, Bronze Day departs into the dust of the early evening, thanking the group for their assistance, and praying they meet again, and soon.

Back at Kaien’s residence, the sealed and locked door is revealed to be the gateway to the City Father’s Sanctum, and the group is granted an audience with Nejibana, God of River port, who thanks them for their assistance in rescuing his son from the clutches of the daemons. He pledges his assistance to the Cult of the Illuminated, and grants the group the freedom of Riverport, the township will no longer hinder them, unless they do something incredibly stupid.

During his conversation with his son, however, Nejibana reveals that the mayor is destined to die in two months, the day after his eightieth birthday, the third day of this year’s Calibration.

Overhearing this, Kethry convinces the group to stick around in Riverport, so attempt to save the mayor’s life, Kaien assured the Mercenary Dragon Blood, Oron, that he will be adequately compensated for his continued assistance.

It is now two months, before the fated day, and in the mean time, a grand gala is planned in the mayor’s honor, there are preparations to be made in the following fortnight,

All is not as it appears to be in this township…

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